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One of the biggest growing pains that I see Entrepreneurs struggle with when scaling their business is their Mindset.

It’s not your fault! We were raised in a society where our educational system’s entire goal was to breed the perfect EMPLOYEE.

But the Mindset and habits of an employee will never get you to multiple 6 figures or even into 7 figures. There’s a reason why the average Corporate employee tops out around 100K. With an employee’s mindset, it’s impossible to scale beyond what an individual contributor can achieve.

If you want to scale your business past the 6 figure mark, you MUST change your mindset to that of a CEO. 

Here are 4 actionable steps that you can take to start shifting your mindset:

    Employees LOVE to-do lists. They love to fill every single line in their notebook with something UBER important that they need to accomplish. It feeds into their psyche that they’re important, that they’re needed, that they’re relied upon. And OH!!! the gratification of checking those little boxes each time something is wrapped up. Instead of approaching the day with everything that needs to get checked off, a CEO approaches the day with INTENTION. They ground themselves in the 3 most important intentions that they can focus on each day to move closer to their long-term goals. They don’t get wrapped up in ALL THE LITTLE THINGS, because they know that’s not where they can move the needle most effectively.
  2. DREAM
    Most employees stopped dreaming when they were kids. While employees focus their attention on what is most urgent and look to fill up their calendar with projects and meetings; CEO’s BLOCK out time on their calendar to future-cast. They dream about what the future could look like, and they set long-range goals. They keep their eyes on the horizon and don’t stare at the front tire of their bike going round and round.
    CEO’s understand how valuable each minute is. They understand where they provide the most value and don’t get involved where someone else can be effective enough. They say NO easily so that they can say yes to the things that align with their long term vision and where they can provide the most value. They let go of tasks and delegate easily to stay focused on where ONLY they can move the needle most effectively.
    CEO’s know that perfection is a myth. It’s simply fear, personified. They know they’re already worthy. They don’t find their worth in the praise that comes along with the accomplishment of tasks and projects. They feel the most worthy when they are working towards their calling.
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