Elevated Leadership Co. was founded for one reason; to help more women find massive success in business, without sacrificing their time, family, freedom, or self.
We believe that our world EVOLVES through business. And we NEED more women on the front lines.
We Elevate your business AND your life, so you can Elevate the world.

About Elevated Leadership Co.

SINCE 2018

When not working ON my business; you can find me in my happy place savoring the outdoors; doing anything from white-water rafting, camping, playing golf, or even sitting on a patio with a margarita in hand. 

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What lights my heart on fire is helping women achieve their grand vision for their company; all while honoring their time, freedom, family, and most importantly, self.

It’s time to become the CEO that your business needs. The most valuable resource that a business owner has is ENERGY. And when your energy is aligned with your purpose & vision, you are focused on your strategy, you are crystal clear on the metrics and data to keep you on track, (and you have a badass team that is in full alignment with that); you can achieve everything you set your heart to.

Hi, I’m Chelsea, the Founder of Elevated Leadership Co, and I’m obsessed with business.


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