ABOUT Chelsea

Hi! I’m Chelsea

Hi. My name is Chelsea, and I believe that every person deserves an EPIC leader. You know, the kind of Leader that changes your LIFE. The kind of leader that helps you find your purpose, your passion, and your potential; but most importantly, shows you the pathway to get there. I want to live in a world where every person experiences intentional leadership; a leader who shows up to serve their team and creates an environment of trust, inspiration, innovation, limitless possibilities; and a kick ass culture that people crave being a part of.

I’ve been in Leadership for over 15 years. When I was given my first opportunity to lead a team; I quickly realized that I had A LOT to learn. I started gobbling up every leadership book I could find, reading every article I stumbled across, grasping for mentors to teach me how to show up for my team like the leader I imagined I could be. The truth is, for some; leadership comes naturally. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will find a mentor who can guide you along the path; but the learning curve is long … and messy. If you are not one of those that is blessed with the natural ability or a rock solid leadership program and/or mentor at your company, I’ve made it my mission to help you develop the mindset, the skills, and the strategies to fast track your impact and your influence. Ultimately, I’ve made a lot of mistakes along my journey, and I have learned the big lessons. I’ve taken the nuggets of wisdom from countless hours of study, practice, experimenting, failing, and dusting my ass off and going for it again. My goal is to serve others by teaching what I’ve learned, so they can become the best version of the leader they imagine for themselves … quickly.

Whether it’s group coaching, one on one coaching, or business consulting, I’d love to help you move the needle on your leadership abilities, your confidence, your team culture, and ultimately; your results.