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Producing Branch Manager, Waterstone Mortgage


I met Chelsea in a time when my business felt “stuck in a rut” and my intention was to hire her to help me get my zest for life back, work life balance, focus on being a mom and a business owner. No less than 30 days after we started the Mortgage Industry was in crisis. Interest rates spiked 3% it seemed overnight and 40% of the workforce would be out of a job by the end of the year. She didn’t skip a beat. We pivoted on a dime, addressing the needs of the company, the dialogue that I needed to have with my team, the strategy for remaining profitable. She rolled up her sleeves, and got me through it. We ended up finishing #5 Nationally with the company, and we were able to restructure the workflow of my team to accommodate the shifting market’s demands. People come into your life for a reason and her coaching kept me on task, focused, poked holes in my self-limiting beliefs, calmed me in times of panic and the financial and emotional dividends were more than I ever anticipated or expected. Regardless of the domain, Chelsea KNOWS businesses. She gets people, and she coaches in an effective and inspiring way that keeps my head in the game, my plate not too-full and my business can weather this storm, however long it lasts.

Business Coach | Online Marketing
Category Queen

Kinsey Machos

When I transitioned from corporate to consulting, I had immediate success. I was thrown into scale mode fairly quickly and completely underestimated the work and energy required to lead a team from 6 to 7 figures. Although I managed teams during my ten-year corporate career, it was under the parameters of old-school management mentality, which felt misaligned with who I desired to be as a leader.

When I realized I was falling into old patterns in my own company, I hired Chelsea to help me navigate the ins and outs of operating like a true CEO and implementing the tactical levels strategies that allowed me to create a self-led team that resulted in a direct impact to our bottom line.

I didn’t think I had “time” to hire the right people, fire the wrong people, and put the systems in place to effectively track the company’s performance, but Chelsea simplified all these hairy, scary elements and made it doable and easy to achieve.

Now, I can get a pulse on my company at any moment, I feel empowered to lead my team effectively through any season of growth, and I feel confident when I step away from my business without any worry that the company is still making money every day and my clients are WINNING.

I highly recommend Chelsea to anyone that wants to cross the multi-7-figure threshold but doesn’t want to be chained to their business!

Petal & Bloom Tech Marketing

ashley fritsche

Chelsea's involvement in my business has been nothing short of a game-changer. Her unique insights, innovative strategies, and unparalleled dedication have propelled my company to new heights. With her guidance, my business has not just grown – it has exploded, exceeding all expectations.

One of Chelsea's remarkable abilities is her talent for streamlining operations. She possesses an innate knack for identifying inefficiencies and implementing solutions that optimize workflow. Thanks to her efforts, my business now operates seamlessly, allowing us to utilize our resources more effectively and allocate our energy where it truly matters.

Moreover, Chelsea's influence on my business's messaging has been profound. She has an uncanny ability to distill complex ideas into clear, compelling messages that resonate with our target audience. This has led to stronger connections with customers and stakeholders alike, resulting in increased engagement and loyalty.

Chelsea's impact goes beyond the operational and messaging aspects; she has also played a pivotal role in elevating my leadership skills. Her guidance has empowered me to confidently lead, make well-informed decisions, and inspire my team to reach new heights. Her invaluable mentorship has transformed me into a more effective and visionary leader.


Kristi Thiel

Chelsea is a master at helping to align your company vision with scaling and growing your team. I thought I knew what I needed before I met with her, but I was frustrated when I didn't see my perfect candidate out there. Chelsea helped me take a step back to gain much needed clarity on what I truly needed to make the right shift toward my long-term goals. I now have a plan to add another role within a year, and that includes helping this team member grow into a bigger role and skill set over time.

Founder, Ashlee Young Music Studio

Ashlee Young

The way that Chelsea‘s brain works is incredible. I was struggling with some really big decisions in my business and Chelsea was able to coach me through it with her simple, powerful and impactful questions. It’s obvious that she has a deep understanding of the path that someone needs to take in order to take their business from a one person operation to a full blown legacy company. The tools and resources for implementing the practical and mindset changes that have to happen to think like a CEO are helpful and I know I’ll continue to come back to them year after year. I highly recommend Chelsea if you want to go to the next level.


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